Water analysis

Analysis enables precise determination of water chemical composition. If water parameters deviate from the standard specified by the Minister of Health, the water is unfit for consumption. The quality of technical water is adjusted for specific industrial equipment.

After determining water parameters and its purpose (residential or industrial), we can go on to select filters and water treatment technology.

One physico-chemical analysis of water equals:
- 5 tested water quality indicators (pH, turbidity, colour, conductivity, hardness)
- 5 most common water contaminants (iron, manganese, chlorides, nitrates, ammonium ion)

For deepwater well users, the most common problem is exceeded iron and manganese content standard. Supply line water is known for its high hardness. Technical water is characterised by very high chemical purity.

Devices and technologies which (according to the tables) are supposed to improve water parameters do not always work. Therefore, before presenting an offer, we test a sample of water to see how particular filtering resins deal with it. We guarantee effectiveness of the suggested solutions.